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Beer on Tap


Good Drinks. Good Music. Good People.

Self proclaimed best Bar in Mundelein, there’s no better place to enjoy a drink, a bite to eat, and a great night out. Whether you’re coming from a long day at the office or for a night out with friends, we’ve got you!


A Community of Drinkers

Tipsy O' Brian's Mundelein is a warm and casual Bar located in the center of bustling downtown Mundelein along the RR tracks on Hawley St., two blocks east of Rte. 45. We opened our original location in Highwood (Teddy O' Brian's) in 1999.  We've moved on from Highwood, complete with a name change, and combined some facets of the original spot with the food from our previous business (Caboose) at the Mundelein address and now stand alone on Hawley St.  Providing quality drinks, a great beer selection and fresh, homemade comfort food has been our goal from the beginning. The new Mundelein location has a much bigger menu designed to hit all the taste buds, but we haven't lost our main focus. Friendly staff delivering stiff drinks in a fun atmosphere is the mission. Plenty of friendly faces and a good vibe is the key. We are here to make sure that you have a great experience. Come make a friend or two. After all, we’re more than just drinks, we’re a community. So what are you waiting for? Drop by!

Beer Taps


Wash it Down

Our Specialty Beverage on Tap features a cocktail inspired by seasonal freshness meeting deliciousness which equals feeling good . Our liquid concoctions have been inspired by classic cocktails, showcasing seasonal ingredients and trendy flavors. Strength guaranteed!


Simple and Special

12 oz. bottles:
Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light,
Miller High Life, MGD 64
16 oz. cans: PBR

Cold Beer 2
Potato Chips and a Beer


Come join the Family

Sunday & Monday: 10:30-9:00ish
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday & Thursday 10:30-10:00
Friday & Saturday 10:30-12:00

Beer Samples
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